Still waiting…

So, it seems that pullet-sized egg we got two days ago was not our first 2.0 egg. Do not let loose the pigeons. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Second first egg is yet to be.

How do I know? I watched Haley in The Hideaway early this afternoon, and made a mental note to check back and see what/if she had laid. She hasn’t laid me a proper egg in days.

As it turns out, she did lay today…a lovely, peewee pullet egg, almost identical to the first one. Here is, from left to right, the peewee from two days ago, today’s peewee, and an Abby extra large:

What the hell, Haley? Are you regressing?! I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts she was responsible for the freak egg yesterday, too, or, as one observer called it, “the dick egg”.

Do I offend, gentle reader? If so…man, are you in the wrong place…


One thought on “Still waiting…

  1. Sounds like Haley :P

    Still haven’t received anything this weird. My production girls are always really good at laying. I would expect smaller eggs on occasion from a buff Orpington, but a production red? Shouldn’t be!

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