Now, I’m new at this. As at yesterday, I have been getting eggs from my flock for one whole year. I’m well aware that I have a great deal to learn, but I know a fooked up egg when I see one.

Those of you who read regularly will recall that Miss Haley has provided me with many a foul “egg”, shell-less, with the consistency of Silly Putty, and possibly signs of alien life. I am no naif. I watched The Hideaway yesterday trying to catch a 2.0 in the act of laying, to no avail. Imagine my reaction when I did find a Buffy egg, and…a human finger.

Okay, not a human finger. A carrot. A carrot?! How did a carrot get three feet up into The Hideaway?!

Closer inspection revealed this:

Avert not thine eye, o gentle reader! Look upon the abomination, that thou might know the face of evil! Seriously, dudes, that is some messed up shit right there.

Here it is next to Buffy’s large, for comparison:

So, what do you think, chickeneers…do I win some sort of prize for this monstrosity?


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