Eureka! Gastronomic edition.

There’s just nothing better than a just-laid egg, is there?

Unless you want to hard boil it, that is.

Fresh eggs are infamously difficult to peel, something to do with there being less air in a fresh egg. As the egg ages, the porous shell lets water out, and air in. An egg from the grocery store is 4-6 weeks old, and has more air than a fresh egg. Peeling is easy.

Now, I love me a hard boiled egg, not to mention egg salad, but have been abstaining since last fall, when our hens first began to lay. There are all sorts of tricks to get around this, and I’d love to hear what you’ve done to hard boil a fresh egg and peel it intact. Many of the solutions, however, involve leaving the cooked eggs in ice water, and, I’m sorry, but I like me hard-boiled eggs warm.

But, I have found a solution. We had a glut of eggs a while back (hard to believe now), so I set aside six to, well…age. When they were ten days old, I hard boiled the lot and they peeled like a dream. So, this is my new workaround.

The only drawback? One of the ten-day eggs was Pip’s, and I’m afraid I got a little emotional…


9 thoughts on “Eureka! Gastronomic edition.

  1. Do you cut egg in half and spoon it out?

    My mother in law told me to boil water before adding eggs. Apparently this makes it easier to peel fresh.

    • Nope. The shell peels gorgeously, egg intact. I place the eggs in cold water and place on the fire. Otherwise, I find the shells tend to crack. But that’s me…

  2. I put a little dash of baking soda in the water when I boil my fresh eggs and it makes a big difference. You might still have SOME trouble peeling them, but way less than if you used no baking soda at all. Just don’t leave them in the baking soda water to cool or the whites get mushy. I’m really sorry about Pip :(

  3. I’ve also read that steaming them is the best, although I haven’t tried it myself.

    I still have one Pip egg left. I can’t seem to bring myself to eat it!

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