Not a girl, not yet a woman. Visual aids.

I’ve been keeping an eye open for opportunities to capture 2.0’s tentative forays into the laying nests, and today I hit pay dirt. They are sixteen weeks old now, and you can see that the Australorps, in particular, have larger, redder combs and wattles. More tellingly, they are beginning to follow me around, and not just for treats. Can squatting be far behind?

The Silver Laced Wyandottes have less in the way of wattles and combs, as you can see, but they have small rose combs, and it’s apples to oranges.

Here they are congregated in and around The Annex, unused since Pip’s death:

And, not half an hour later, all squeezed into The Hideaway:

Who will lay first? My money is on Delilah, but it’s still anybody’s game.


4 thoughts on “Not a girl, not yet a woman. Visual aids.

  1. Oh my! That one in the first picture is about to lay any second now! =O She’s going to be an early bloomer!

    The lacing has definitely improved on your SLWs!

    • I dunno. THey’re sticking much closer to me these days, but I ain’t got no egg song or squatting…

      And YES. Dorothy is now passably laced! Very exciting.

      • :D Awesome!

        As for the egg song, I have seen my 12 week old silkies doing it, so I doubt that has any merit to when they will lay. God knows Silkies are slow to jump on the bandwagon.

        I’ve had hens that never squat before lay, and never sing the egg song, so there is also that.

      • I shall keep my eyes open! I read that Australorps don’t lay until 22-26 weeks, but that’s what “they” said about Alexia. As it is, they are going to the nests in groups, and I may be crazy, but, it seems like they’re doing it specifically so I’ll see it. They were all out pasturing today, then, as soon as I walked into the barn, they were all sitting in The Annex. When I returned to the house, I looked out the kitchen window and they were out again. Are they trying to impress the boss?!

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