Yes, Hermione, there is a Santa Claus.

Yesterday, I posted on the Heedley’s Hens Facebook page that Hermione had achieved, if not the impossible, certainly the remarkable: she had laid two eggs in a 17-hour time span. Now that’s what I call “Production”!

Two dark brown eggs of the same shape, both in the Hideaway…it would have to be Hermione, wouldn’t it?

Back it up, gentle reader; you’d best sit down.

This morning, I went to collect yet another Hermione egg from under her, after having been called into the barn by Trixie’s vociferous complaints that Hermione was bogarting The Hideaway. I took the egg out from under Hermione, prepared to oust her so Trixie would, if not lay an egg, at least give me some peace.

And then it all became so very clear…

It was Haley. Haley, of the perpetually red, bare bum. Halley who hasn’t laid much of anything in months, and what she has laid has looked like a prop from a horror movie. Haley who I feared was a goner during the heat wave.

It had been Haley who laid the egg late Tuesday afternoon, not Hermione. I thought it was too pale in colour to be Hermione’s but it didn’t even enter my mind that it might have been Haley. Haley has now laid two eggs in less than three days. With shells, even!

Could this be part and parcel of her new butt feathers?


5 thoughts on “Yes, Hermione, there is a Santa Claus.

    • I didn’t want to give the first two to clients, so I scrambled them for the hens, so I could check them. They were gorgeous. And Haley got the first bite!

      • Awesome! Glad to hear it’s back to normal :) We found a huge nest of hidden eggs in the woods last weekend. My chickens must have been reading Hermione’s blog ;)

      • Nope. Last one just hatched her eggs. No more hens sitting on eggs right now! And guess what?! I GOT A BLUE EGG TODAY!

        I haven’t been that excited for an egg since it was the first one!

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