Guess what? Chicken butt! A new hope.

So, way back in January, Haley’s butt went bald. I blamed feather picking, and it’s still the only logical conclusion. I waited the longest time for her to refeather, but she has maintained a very sore looking, bald, red butt all these months. I’d given up that feathers were forthcoming, and crossed my fingers that they’d come back in after 1.0’s first molt this fall.

So, imagine my surprise when I returned from our Maine vacation to see this:

Pin feathers on Haley’s bald butt!

Why now? Will the new feathers be allowed to grow, or will her butt be plucked anew? How will I tell her and Hermione apart if the feathers grown back in? If they grow back, will she lay a proper egg again?

Never thought I’d have so many burning questions about a chicken’s butt…


2 thoughts on “Guess what? Chicken butt! A new hope.

  1. Hope she or someone else doesn’t pick the blood feathers! That won’t be good :S

    I have hope that she will start being normal again.

    Have you heard of pick stop? It’s this deep red ointment that tastes awful, so when others pick, they get a bad taste and leave them alone. Worked for one of mine, but the stuff smells like red hot sauce lol.

    • I did a search, Aoxa, and it’s made of cayenne pepper, the theory being that chickens don’t like the taste. But…chickens have no heat receptors, and I feed them cayenne all the time as a wormer. So, I’m confused. Have you used it?

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