Oh, HERMIONE. Porch edition. The inevitable conclusion.

Friday evening, The Man retired to The Cozy Nook on the front porch for a little post-dinner reading, as he does. On his chair, he found…a gorgeous dark brown egg. An Hermione egg.

It’s been a while since Hermione staked out the porch as a nesting area, and, frankly, I don’t know what took her so long to actually lay there. It’s comfortable, exclusive, chic, and so private it’s nowhere near the barn. I’m guessing laying her eggs on a tennis racket finally lost its cachet.

We found another egg there Saturday evening. She took yesterday off, so I knew to look for her early this morning. And I found this:


Hey, it could be a lot worse. The eggs are gorgeously clean (no sand or wood shavings), they’re conveniently located right outside my front door, and they land on a thick foam cushion, so are in no danger of breakage.

Provided no one sits on them…


4 thoughts on “Oh, HERMIONE. Porch edition. The inevitable conclusion.

  1. You have VERY creative hens. The most creative mine EVER got was a wheelbarrow.. Oh I guess I have a hen that insists on laying inside the brooder with the chicks. She doesn’t want to interact with the chicks, just to lay her eggs with them. Obviously they are smarter then we think they are right?

    By the way, Hermione is gorgeous.

    • Thank you! I can’t say my Production Reds have been all that productive. Hermione lays about 3-4 eggs a week, and Haley hasn’t laid in months. Oy.

      • Is Haley getting any better? Do you think she will live?

        My hen that had the same issue passed away. Most likely a uterine infection from the whole situation. She got better slowly and was not taking the heat well. I did not expect her to die. Very sad.

        Hermione is just hiding the other 3 eggs a week ;) She is too clever for you to find them.

        It doesn’t make sense why a production bird would try to have a secret nest. This seems like brooding behaviour to me!

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