The kids are all right.

I love watching my little flock get ready for bed; I find it fascinating.

It’s very clear that 2.0 will not enter the coop until 1.0 has entered, fed, and roosted, and 2.1 won’t enter until 2.0 has had their turn. I will often find 2.1 foraging by the front of the barn at twilight, all by themselves, the only time of day they stray from the protection of Junk Jungle. They actually feel more confident when the rest of the flock is in the coop.

I wish all this cool chicken behaviour didn’t happen at dusk, though, because it makes for damned poor picture taking, and movie taking is impossible. There just isn’t enough light to capture the shenanigans, and that’s a shame.

I love having my girls up at face level, to have a proper talk with them, give them a good massage, and say goodnight. I can look them over and be sure everyone looks healthy, and that their crops are full.

This holds only for 1.0, of course, but I’m operating under the assumption the others will come around once they start wanting the chicken butt handshake.

As for the new roost, it was a huge success. The sawhorse definitely was required; I’ll figure that bit out later. What wasn’t expected: on a night when coop temperature was still in the high 80s after a brutally-hot day, 2.0 would cram themselves on top of each other when they’d an eight-foot roost to spread out comfortably.

Silly chickens.

Also unexpected, little 2.1 decided it was time for them to move on up:

How cute is that little face?! I’m telling you, the little beards drive me crazy. They are just so cute.

So, 2.0 and 2.1 are finally sharing a roost. Well, yes. And no:

There’s five feet of unoccupied roost between them, which is just fine. The little girls will become braver once the size differential diminishes.


One thought on “The kids are all right.

  1. I must take a picture of my roosting situation at bedtime. I have caught my itty bitty 9 week old Naked Neck tucked under the wing of my year old SLW! Brave little chickie! They were never broody raised, so they get pecked a lot.. Mostly from the other teens and not from my 1.0 as you would call it.

    I caught one of my 7 week olds roosting on my rooster’s back while he was roosting on the roost. I nearly laughed so hard I peed. The places these guys will roost! My turkeys roost on top of the door. Yep. They love roosting in the most unusual places, and never the same place every night, oh no. That can’t happen! It’s just so unfashionable for a turkey to be wearing the same roost two nights in a row!

    I have a pair! One hen and one tom. I love my hen. I have grown SO attached. She will fly up on my rubber boots while I sit cross legged and asks for neck scratches. She purrs with happiness.

    Oh and they very much enjoy hanging out with the silkies. They like their odds with them.

    with the silkies

    This would be the one I am thinking is my tom. He is much bigger than the one I think is a hen.

    My hen <3 Her name is Betty, his is Bruce.

    You need turkeys! I can't wait for you to get them!!

    Oh and I'm up to 4 broodies… Remind me to get less broody breeds, yes? lol

    I love your EEs. They are so cute <3 The beards make me cringe with cuteness! Who woulda thought beards could be so adorable?

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