Seriously??!! The sequel.

Mid-day yesterday, I had a change of heart, in regard to our raccoon. It happened while I was explaining to someone why it’s recommended to use hardware cloth with an aperture of no greater than one-half inch when constructing a chicken coop or run: because a raccoon can (and will) put its hand through any larger opening, grab whatever part of a chicken it can, and pull it out through the wire, piece by piece.

Yes, the raccoon came for seed; what if he stayed for BBQ? People have had flocks decimated by a single raccoon attack.

The Man’s mother is a cat lady, in the very best sense of the term. She rescues strays and feral cats, catching, neutering, and adopting the ones which can be tamed, catching, neutering, and releasing those which can’t. Currently, she has seven house cats, and an elaborate structure in her yard for the protection and feeding of goodness only knows how many wild cats. I remembered that she had a Have-A-Heart trap, and The Man and I set it up last night, planning on a catch and relocate strategy, if the trap were successful.

It was not. There was evidence the raccoon had been there, but I set up the trap awkwardly. I have placed it in better position this evening; we shall see.

And, even though we didn’t catch the raccoon last night, we know for a certainty that the trap works, because it caught Trixie this afternoon.

Silly chicken.


7 thoughts on “Seriously??!! The sequel.

    • He didn’t get what he came for last night, Julie; the bungee cord on the feed bin held. Didn’t go for the trap, but he upended some shavings and dirtied the drinking water, because…I have no freaking idea why.

  1. LOL. That’s so funny. She’s testing it for you :P

    My grandfather would have killed any raccoon we trapped, but were unsuccessful. Relocating is just giving your problem to someone else.

  2. Where there is one raccoon, there may be more. Two years ago we trapped 6 in our garden over a three month period of time. Was a really bad year for our tomatoes, apparently a favorite of raccoons. Peanut butter mixed with chopped up leftover meat has always worked for us (leave leftover meat on counter all day to get smelly). Yea, gross I know! The peanut butter sticks very nicely to the trap forcing them to have to go all the way in to get the goodies. Good luck, they are sneaky little devils!

    • Thanks for the recipe. My feelings are ever-so-slightly mixed by the fact I had a really cool raccoon kit as a pet for a few months as a teenager (named Rocky, obviously). Rocky was possibly the coolest pet ever. That said, anything that might even think about thinking about killing my chickens has to die.

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