I get foraging, I do. I get ripping apart things to find food. I get not caring that you’re endangering someone’s livestock or eating expensive organic feed or leaving a terrible mess to clean up, provided your belly is full at the end of it all.

I get all that. What I don’t get is pointless vandalism.

I walked down the coop aisle this morning to open up the inner coop door to find this:

(Sorry about the extreme blurry; I did not take the picture.)

The new treat bin was untouched. Now, tell me, chickeneers, how long can I expect this  flailing about to continue? He ripped through a bag of Sweet PDZ, and a bag of wood shavings. What the hell??!!

Are we done now that he didn’t find anything edible, or can I count on more of the Charlie Sheen treatment? Does everything need to be in an impenetrable bin, food or no?


6 thoughts on “Seriously??!!

    • We may have to consider it. I’ve just heard so many pleas on Backyard Chickens against the practice of relocating. I’m hopping they’ll just get bored…

    • If we can’t wrap this up, I’m considering it, even INSIDE the barn. I thought we were all in the clear today; no sign of raccoon activity…until I went around the back of the coop. He’d opened up the galvanized garbage bin that holds the feed. Oy.

  1. You could live trap and then post it in a chicken group. This may sound strange, but I know a lot of people that love to eat raccoons. Whenever people trap them around their chickens, they post it in a local fb group and other people take and eat them. The animal wouldn’t die in vain at least. When they get ready to reproduce they will make nice comfy dens in the attic of your house or in your shed.

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