And then there were eighteen.

Gregory Peck was taken to his new home this morning. I was feeling a tad misty, and even a bit regretful, until I watched him wail on Marilyn’s head when I let them out this morning. Yes, he’s a teenager; yes, it’s temporary. Still.

Someday, I’ll have a roo.

The Stepdaughters handled his departure with good grace. They seem to be coming to terms with many of the realities of animal husbandry. Whether or not they’ll be ready to say goodbye as the turkeys head to slaughter next fall remains to be seen.

So, here he is, one more time, Audrey Hepburn/Gregory Peck (I just realised that he is a Roman Holiday unto himself):

He’s becoming a handsome devil, I’ll give you that:

Marilyn and Mae seem non-plussed about his absence, and quickly returned to pasturing and relaxing, as per usual. I am hoping their reduced numbers will not make them a more attractive target for the more rambunctious members of 2.0.

I’m looking at you, Scarlet…


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