What’s in a name?…

…That which we call Audrey
By any other name would be as flighty a pain in the ass.

Okay, so, clearly, Audrey needs a new name. It will be temporary, of course, as her (his!) new owner can call him whatever he or she pleases, but the transfer might take some time. I wasn’t able to send Jack off to his new home until he was fifteen weeks old, by which time, he was quite the little mannie.

It makes sense to keep with the the theme of mid-century movie stars, and there’s no dearth of great males names there, but it needs to be one that is identifiable by the first name only, so Douglas, James, and Paul are out.

This is a name for  a rooster, so it needs to be studly. The first three that came to my mind were Errol, Laurence and Rock. Studly, yes, but anyone see a problem? In hindsight, these three men were gay or bi-sexual (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), not necessarily the legacy one wants to bestow upon a bird whose primary function will be the production of offspring. Montgomery…same issue.

There’s Cary, of course, but, oddly…it’s not working for me. (Perversely, Archibald is.) Marlon…ehn. Humphrey is a possibility. Oooo…Burt.

Now, I love me some Oliver Reed, but we already have an Oliver. And I adore me some Fred Astaire, but…Fred didn’t come off as the most virile of men. Sorry, Fred. Besides, there’s no way we could have a Fred without a Ginger. And I flove me some Stewart Granger, but there was a neighbourhood dog named Stewart who went missing a few months back, and I’d to have Stepdaughter the Younger in tears with that.

Truth be told, I m running down imdb‘s list of the 200 greatest actors of all time. I’ve found two solid ideas, between which I can’t choose, so I’ll leave it to you to cast your vote below.

As soon as I saw the photo, it all made sense…Gregory Peck. I’m sure this isn’t original, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny or clever. The best part, of course, is that he’d be called by both names. I can’t see any way around it.

I saw Tony Curtis further down the list, and the image of him passing so very convincingly as a woman in Some Like it Hot made a compelling argument. Plus, hello…Marilyn.

Both men were dark, as is Audrey. Here’s how Audrey looks today:

Check out that comb!

So, ladies and gentlemen, let your voice be heard! Gregory, Tony, or…?

And while we’re changing names, let’s revisit the girls, shall we?

The problem with giving names out so soon is that one is bound to be in for surprises. This is particularly true for Easter Egger chicks where, much like Forrest Gump’s chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. I named the chicks based on their chick down, and their big girl feather’s have rather messed with the naming scheme.

Here’s Marilyn as a peep:

And at two weeks:

Blond, right?

Here she is today, at 6.5 weeks (girl can still work a camera…):

Who saw that coming?! Not me, I assure you. Marilyn has blue hair. Well, lavender. Now, I knew she had lavender when I picked her, but I didn’t know her head would be lavender and her body entirely blond.

This, actually, doesn’t bother me too much. I can see it as platinum, and she’s still a glamour girl of the first order. I’m holding on Marilyn.

But, then there’s Ava. Here was Ava, at left, as a day old (Marilyn, at right):

Brunette, yes? With, I might add, a most decidedly blue butt:

Here she is at two weeks:

Getting blonder, but still brunette-ish. And where the hell did the blue go?!

And here she is today, at 6.5 weeks:

Gah! What happened! Ava is now a strawberry blond, and that simply isn’t cricket. Ava Gardner was the quintessential smoky brunette sex bomb. She can’t be…blond.

Back to imdb, to peruse the 100 Greatest Actresses of Classic Hollywood.

We’re looking someone whip smart and, perhaps, ever-so-slightly sarcastic. Tallulah, please recall, is taken.

Marlene? Greta? Claudette? Grace? There’s Bette, perhaps, who certainly fits the snarky requirement. But Bette, sounds like Betty, another blond of a very different flavour. Are the feathers, perhaps, a bit red? Rita, mayhap?

I’m stumped on this one, chickeneers. Let me hear your thoughts!


8 thoughts on “What’s in a name?…

  1. Oh Audrey is 100% a rooster. No doubt in my mind! Beautiful boy <3

    I have been saving Greta for one of mine, so I may be biased. I love that name!

  2. You had me with Some Like it Hot. A fave of mine, and come on. The Marilyn connection is too much. Although, you could call him Curtis. Huh. Then Curtis Mayfield comes to mind…and you have the ‘field’ AND the ‘superfly’. I’m overthinking this.

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