That had to hurt.

Pip laid another monster yesterday. I call that way above and beyond, given how hot it’s been lately. I gave her the day off today, gladly, and she took it.

This egg went off the egg scale, and did so with a thunk:

(Check out the funky shell at the end.) I’m guessing it’s 3.5 to 3.75 ounces. Here is my hand holding it, and I have big hands:

It’s like a duck egg! Unlike the last giant Pip laid, however, it did fit into the carton…just. Sure, I could have passed it along to a client, but…naaaaah. I had a good feeling it was a double yolker, and what’s better for making mayonnaise than a double yolker?

I cracked it open to discover I was right. Not only was it a double yolker, but a Siamese twin double yolker:

It (they?) made a gorgeous mayonnaise, and I can’t wait to have a glorious tomato sandwich tomorrow for lunch, now that decent tomatoes are to be had.

Thanks, Pip!!!


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