The MacGyver Terrace. Baby edition.

2.1 has been enjoying their time outside in the pink gazebo (once they’re there, that is), but they are getting a tad large to be enclosed in there all day. Now that 2.0 has graduated to free ranging with 1.0, I had that green plastic fencing free to rig up something for the babies.

The current configuration is much less porous than its predecessors; the barn wall makes for cleaner seams than Junk Jungle.

I’m hoping this new space will encourage 2.1 to explore the rest of the farm, and give them a more harmonious (read: bored) relationship with their older sisters. There have been good signs already: not hours after Stepdaughter the Elder and I set up The Terrace, three 2.0s had broken in to The New MacGyver Terrace and were peacefully foraging with 2.1…

The gazebo itself makes a wonderful stabilising corner:

2.1 spends the hottest hours inside the gazebo:

The Charlie’s Angels shot:

And Ava poses for her pin-up calendar:

(They’ll photoshop the poop out in post-production…)


3 thoughts on “The MacGyver Terrace. Baby edition.

  1. You need to take more pictures of the one to the right. I am suspecting roo from that image.. Please tell me I’m wrong!!

    My girls that are 17 weeks old don’t have combs that red/detailed yet.

    • You mean Audrey, right? The dark one? Is she an Aubrey. Oh…FOOK. I think you may be right. S/he started out as the smallest and is now the biggest, and has been quite the bully lately. Oh…bugger.

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