Three little maids.

But what of the babies, I hear you ask?

Babies no more! They are quite the little ladies now. In fact, I removed the Brinsea from their brooder this morning, because they were only using it to evade me. A couple of nights ago, at boost time, I was surprised to find them ready for bed, thusly:

Please note the abandoned Brinsea to the right.

They are all perched on a small stick roost I put in there, not believing they’d ever use it. They sleep like that every night now, three tightly abreast. After the first night, I even learned to move the water dish out from under them. Because, you know…night poops.

And when I saw them like that, my mind flew back to The Mikado, for some unknown reason, and I realised there could have been yet another trio naming scheme for them, and we all know who’d be Yum Yum, don’t we?

So, that had me singing Three Little Maids, and I was halfway through the Act I finale before I re-entered the house.

Silly chickens.


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