Mystery solved…?

Oh, the plot thickens, gentle reader, it thickens…

WARNING: This post is not for the queasy. Proceed at your own risk. I’m not kidding.

The mystery of the missing eggs…where have they gone? Some have emptied themselves into the poop pit, born too soon. But, there’s something else. I have seen some odd…blobs lying about the front of the barn. Odd, squishy, peachy-coloured blobs. I have tried to not to probe this matter too deeply, for reasons which should be obvious.

This morning, however, I could ignore it no longer, because this morning I found this:

I know, I know. But I did warn you.

Now, I am a new chickeneer and I know next to nothing, but I believe this to be an egg, mid production, ejected too soon.

It looks to me to be some yolk and white swirled together, with some feces in the center. And then, to the lower right, that creamy blob of the building blocks of the shell. And what’s with the red stuff in the feces, anyway?!

That’s my take; I’d be very interested to hear from y’all: what do you think?

As for whodunnit, I suspect Haley. Maisie laid an absolutely gorgeous egg yesterday, and is nesting again today. Haley hasn’t laid in well over a week.

Now, go eat yer lunch.


5 thoughts on “Mystery solved…?

  1. Damn.. I scrolled before I saw the warning *insert barf face here* It’s so detailed..

    I hope that’s not egg.. Is it hot there? Heat can cause watery looking droppings like that. Have you looked up the poop chart?

  2. I keep thinking your chickens are laying cauliflower florets! I have no idea what I’m looking at but was tilting my head sideways trying to decipher it for a good 20 seconds before I realized I was maybe being kind of gross. Seriously, though – the plot thickens!!!

    • I thought cauliflower, too. And if you think it’s gross in the photo…you should see it in person. First thing in the morning. Blech.

  3. It looks too thick to be heat-caused watery poop. It does look like egg material. It’s likely she’s having problems with her reproductive tract. It could clear up in a week or two, or it could be a sign of a more serious issue. That’s very much like what one of my hens often produced before I took her to the vet and we discovered she had egg yolk peritonitis. I will send good thoughts her way.

    • Thanks, Pat. It has to be Haley, because everyone else is laying. Maisie laid another egg today, and all the others who I expect to lay are laying, too. Unless…could it be Trixie?

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