The crazy continues…

…now with fewer eggs!

I haven’t been writing much lately because, frankly, the crazy is wearing me down. I keep waiting for some sort of new normal to establish itself. I’m still waiting.

Buffy is full-blown broody, and she’s not even sitting on anything. She has, I believe, reached the point where she has stopped laying. This is bad enough, but Buffy has chosen for her broody nest…The Hideaway, only the most popular nest we have at the moment.

For the past two days, she has ensconced herself first thing, and stayed firmly put until nightfall, at which time, she is lifted, bodily, by me, and involuntarily incarcerated in the coop. Why move her? Why not give her The Abby Treatment and let her brood to her heart’s delight?

Because the nest of Abby’s choosing is inside the coop. The Hideaway is outside the coop, and therefore, not as predator proof as I would like. Buffy understands none of this, of course; she only understands that I am removing her from her (invisible) babies. She has tried to get back to The Hideaway by standing at the closed run door. I half expect her to be locked out of the coop when the pop door comes down at 8:30.

Upon incarceration, she paces, she grumbles, she pecks at her sisters. She is a completely miserable bitch. I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that no one has had a decent night’s sleep in that coop for three days. Yesterday, I had two eggs. Two. And one of those was a small Alexia egg.


I made a decision yesterday…I had to banish her.

This is not quite so harsh as it sounds. I set up the dog crate this morning inside the showroom by a wall, the same crate that I used for Buffy’s rehabilitation. Inside, I placed the wicker nest lined with a flannel sheet, feed, water, and Buffy from her spot in The Hideaway. Then I latched the crate shut.

I was expecting shrieking to shatter my eardrums, to rival even Trixie’s, but Buffy just turned around in the nest and sat down. Just like that. She still grumbles and puffs up when anyone approaches, but she seems quite content, in her broody way.

I left out one small detail, you see. I stole two of Trixie’s fart eggs out from under Abby and planted them in the wicker nest before plopping Buffy in the cage. Buffy’s new nest comes with babies included. No assembly required!

(Buffy says: “I’ll cut a bitch.”)

I will have to see how things go this evening to see if she will spend the night there. I believe she is safe inside the crate, inside the barn, and the nights are warm enough that she doesn’t need the warmth of her sisters. They will sleep much more soundly without her in the coop, I am quite certain.

The upshot? I had two eggs right off the bat this morning, from Coraline, and…wait for it…Maisie. Maisie laid her first egg in over two weeks. It is a glossy, porcelain, oblong thing of beauty. I very nearly wept. Then I had a gorgeous one from Pip, and, long story short, things are looking up.

So, let’s recap:

Abby: broody.
Buffy: broody.
Haley: not laying.
Trixie: broken.
Alexia: not broody, but stealing Abby’s eggs to sit on while she lays. Clearly suicidal.

I would like to add that I am now maintaining eight (8) sources of water for the chickens. And they go a little something like this:

The nipple system inside the coop for 1.0
The stainless steel bowl outside the barn for 1.0
The small rabbit waterer inside the gazebo for 2.0
The large rabbit waterer inside the run for 2.0
The stainless steel dish inside the dog crate inside the barn for 2.1
The ceramic bowl inside the found crate outside the barn for 2.1
The glass jar for Abby’s broody nest, and now…
The glass jar for Buffy’s broody nest.

Thank you. Thank you very much. I’ll be here all week…


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