It’s well past time for SEC.*

* Someone Else’s Chickens.

Because, to be honest, I’m a little sick of my own.

One of the interesting things about chickens is how contagious they are. You know someone who has them, then, before you know what happened, you have them, and then, like, next spring, three of your friends have them. It’s an epidemic.

I’ve done my part, in that I’ve infected a friend with my obsession, and she brought home twelve chicks (her 1.0) from the same group I got my 2.0 chicks, from Chicken Debbie at Agway. This being her first flock, she wanted a good assortment, so she chose three Australorps, three Buff Opringtons, three Golden Comets, and three Silver-Laced Wyandottes.

Not so fast, there. The hatchery has made an error in your favour!

On April 20, Debbie received some chicks she wasn’t expecting, some Gold-Laced Wyandottes. I had the option to take some in my order but declined; my friend took one gold, and two silver. The gold one, being so distinctive, is one of the few of her chicks to have received a name, which is…Sausage.

Hey, they’re her chicks. She can name them what she wants.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing. My poor friend has a Silver-Laced Wyandotte who got something in her eye, and it became badly infected. A week’s worth of tetracycline and two-weeks worth of twice-daily wipings later, Krusty, AKA Lefty, came through just fine. She also had a serious pasty butt issue, and was much smaller as a result.

Chicks are like a box of chocolates…

But they’re all fine now, and living in their brand new coop, the spoiled little brats. I went to visit them in their new digs, and took some pics to share.

What you see in the pic above is their temporary run. These girls will be free-range, pastured girls, but my friend lives in serious predator country, and that include hawks. Until these babies are less, umm, portable, their outside activities will be contained. That pop door is solar powered!

Here are some inside the coop, which was built inside an enormous barn:

Here they are getting a mealworm treat. THEY like mealworms. See that, 2.0?! Mealworms gooooood.

And here’s a sight I genuinely miss:

A Buff Orpington chick fascinated by her reflection in the glass back of my iPhone. Sniff. Good times…

These are very lucky chicks. They will have 14 acres to roam, replete with woods and blueberry bushes and a doting mommy. Maybe even a doting daddy, although he pretends not to care.

My work here is done…


2 thoughts on “It’s well past time for SEC.*

  1. I have yet to infect anyone with the chicken bug, though I try! Good for your friend! Chickens are very satisfying.

    You’re bored with your chickens?! I thought Hermione was trying to spice up the relationship. She’s one interesting gal ;)

    BY the way. I have 10 Hermiones on order for July. I am going to name them all Penny. I have a Penny already, but they are all going to look the same.. so everyone is Penny. I hope they are as interesting as your dear Hermione :)

    • It’s not that I’m bored with them, it’s that the crazy is losing its appeal. I’ll get you caught up…

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