The fuller crazy.

But, wait! There’s more!! You also get these Ginsu knives!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen; here is The Day in Crazy:

Abby & Alexia: Alexia nested immediately next to Abby for hours, which is roughly equivalent to snuggling with a live grenade. I kept expecting to go into the coop to find a pile of bloody white feathers. Abby grumbled and threatened plenty, but didn’t attack.

I checked under Alexia frequently, so I could move her to a safe distance once she’d laid. After three hours of this, I decided to check under Abby. Abby has been sitting on four Trixie fart eggs and two small Allexia eggs. Under her today, I found four Trixie fart eggs and three small Allexia eggs,

Bitch stole it right out from under Alexia’s butt, freshly laid! Cheeky monkey!!

Not knowing which of the three Alexia eggs was today’s, I couldn’t even retrieve it for, you know, actual eating.

Maisie: Well, at least she’s trying. No egg, but she tried The Plastic Bag Nest, The Baby Box, The Hideaway and even The Net Nest. Maybe tomorrow…?

Buffy: Buffy is full-on broody mental. She is puffed and strutting and growling. She laid an egg then guarded the nest with ferocity. Unfortunately, the nest in question was The Hideaway, and the queue went out the barn door. The screaming!

After she had intimidated both Maisie and Haley away from The Hideaway, I had to do something to restore the peace, so…I locked her out of the barn.

You heard me.

I picked her up, puffed and swearing, carried her out of the barn, and closed the front doors. She paced. She cursed. She tried to wedge herself under the doors. She was pissed.

Two hours later, she was back to normal, but this is not going in the right direction. Chicken Debbie dropped by for a visit today, and said, while broodiness isn’t contagious, per se, it’s a bit like women who live together: they tend to get on the same menstrual cycle.

Oh, goody. Three more months of playing bad cop and getting no eggs.

What will tomorrow bring?!


3 thoughts on “The fuller crazy.

  1. It’s that time of year! I do think it’s contagious. Everytime I get one, I usually end up with two within a week.

    I have a barred rock that does what you said above. Screams.. puffs up. Clucks.. She has yet to go broody. She’s been doing it since spring arrived.

    Oh and Hermione. She cracks me up! Instead of going back to the last entry and commenting on both, I thought I’d address that here. She is very clever! How many more possible nests are there?!

    Most creative I found was my duck. She laid inside an old engine in the barn. Hermione would love this nest location! haha

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