Picture day.

Now that I’m beginning to get over my poult disappointment (I do so hate to wait, right, Mommy?), I think it’s time to take stock of what we do have. Wouldn’t you agree?

I have many, many baby pics of 1.0, and very few of 2.0 and 2.1, Part of the reason is logistical; I was hanging out on the lodge floor with 1.0 for hours a day. They were hopping all over me after week two. Brooding outside, the opportunities for such closeness have been few.

And, to be perfectly honest, I’m not as gaga as I was last year. Familiarity has bred, not contempt, but certainly less infatuation. Doesn’t the first baby always have the most photos in his album? That’s okay; we’ll all be good buddies once they want to squat for me. Sex sells.

But, at the rate they’re growing, I couldn’t let yet another week go by without a comprehensive set of pics, especially as 2.0 is now banded and I can tell them apart. So, without further ado, and with the help of the ever able and willing Stepdaughter the Elder, I give you…

The Good Girls (6 weeks):


Alice turned out to be the most camera shy of the lot. This is the best picture I took of her; the rest are all a blur. She is the Silver-Laced Wyandotte with the purple band, and has as yet to distinguish herself.


Dorothy (wearing the emerald-coloured band, of course), was much more comfortable being handled. You’ll notice that all the Silver-Laced Wyandottes have rather red wattles coming in; were it not bordering on statistically impossible that they all should be roos, I’d be concerned. And, of course…


Gidget is a pistol. She is the bravest of the six chicks, being the only one who will approach me, and the smartest, being the first one to figure out going up the ramp. She is also the only one who sleeps roosted on top of the log in the brooder while the others huddle on the sand, trying to bogart a corner of 2.1’s heat lamp. Is she bucking for Head Hen? Or is she just that good?

She is still slightly smaller than the others, but I think there’s no danger of her being Moondoggie. She is also the whitest of the Good Girls, and you can make of that whatever you like. Which leads us to…

The Bad Girls (6 weeks):


Delilah is, as her namesake, not a petty creature. She is cool and collected, and keeps her own council. If she goes to war, it’s for something larger than herself (but I could be projecting). The same can not be said for…


Jezebel, as her namesake, is very much a petty creature, and her nature is as green as her leg band. She is jealous and small and vindictive. While the rest of 2.0 and 2.1 are settling down for the night, she is pacing the net divider back and forth, waiting for one of the little girls to get into range so she can peck her through the net.

She is a raucous bitch, and bears watching. But she’s not alone…


Here’s the HBIC. She and Jezebel terrorise those poor little Easter Eggers every time they get within an inch or two of that net wall. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Scarlett, seeing a younger, prettier woman within beak’s reach, would lash out, prepared to do real damage, if at all possible. Which brings us to:

The Starlets (2 weeks):


Audrey is the smallest of 2.1, and the perkiest. She led us a merry chase during this photo op, escaping not once, but twice, circumnavigating the found crate trying to find a way back in. It took Stepdaughter the Elder and I going in opposite directions to snag her. Very slippery, that one. Which cannot be said of…


Ava is the most relaxed of the three, which really isn’t saying much. About half her feathers are coming in a gorgeous slate blue. She is the largest of the three by a little bit, but that doesn’t matter at all to…


Each chick has had one pic so far. Well, fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy blog. This girl has some sort of Faustian contract with the camera gods, because she cannot take a bad photo. I struggled to get one good pic of some of the girls, but every one of Marilyn is gold.

See? Look how she lights up and performs!

What? You want be to stick out my butt, Mr. DeMille? No problem…

She knows how to look right into the lens,,,

…but can turn away and do “bashful” if that’s what you want.

And what is that little feather curled up in front of her right eye?! I don’t know, but it’s hot, like Cindy Crawford’s mole…

Marilyn is not only a star, she is also a beyotch. She rules that little brooder, and make no mistake. It will be interesting to watch all these girls occupy the same space, and that of 1.0…


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