The waiting room.

I do believe I know how expectant fathers must have felt in that era where they paced the outer room as a birth was in progress.

This is agony.

I had an update from Tricia this morning, and it’s a good news/less good news scenario. Good news: the one that hatched yesterday is very strong. Less good news: there haven’t been any others.

Two more have pipped, so we’ll be keeping an eye on that today. To quote Tricia: “…sometimes raising heritage sucks”. They are just not very hardy, due, in part, to how small the gene pool is.

I’m beginning to consider the unthinkable: what I will do if there aren’t six strong poults to bring home? It seems preposterous, given the 29 eggs in the ‘bator, but…what if?

The Man and I had a meeting of the Senior Council this morning and came to the following conclusions:

  1. We won’t do six hours of driving for fewer than six. We just can’t justify it.
  2. If this hatch doesn’t come through for us, we’re going to postpone our/my turkey dreams to next spring. It’s been two months of waiting, and we/I just can’t do it any more this year.

I will keep you posted…


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