What. The. HELL. The reckoning.

I was pleased to see Pip on the nest yesterday morning, as she had taken the day off Tuesday. I was less pleased when I returned to find this:

This photo does not remotely do this monster justice. Great googly-moogly, it’s a horror show. Frankenembryo. Damian’s breakfast. Rosemary’s ovum.

It’s normal sized for Pip, about an extra large, but it’s wrinkled and warped and puckered. When I brought it into The Man’s range of vision, he started. An actual flinch.

I was afraid to open it this morning. What would I find inside? Would it be bad? Would something jump out at me? Would the yolk have teeth?

The shell was hard, but very thin, and it cracked much too easily, but the egg inside was a perfectly beautiful Pip egg:

So, chickeneers…lend me your ears! They have oyster shell free fed and are eating calcium-supplemented layer feed. Could this be worms? Some other parasite? Or is Pip just wiped out from the heat wave we had? The Brahmas do feel the heat more than other breeds, and Pip is our biggest girl.

I await your wisdom.


3 thoughts on “What. The. HELL. The reckoning.

  1. It could be heat-related. It could also mean she’s having reproductive track issues. One of our Red Stars laid intermittent misshapen eggs near the end of her egg production life.

  2. I had an egg that looked like that from my SLW – but it was just the outer membrane. Felt like a water balloon! Mine was lack of calcium – I ran out of oyster shell and they are all on grower, so it’s resolved itself. She laid 3 like this but is back to normal now.

    If they are on layer WITH oyster shell, it wouldn’t be a calcium deficiency. Could be heat – or like I suggested before, worms.

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