What. The. HELL.

“They” say that a hen is at her most prolific, laying-wise, in the first spring and summer of her adult life. For 1.0, that’s now. To which I say: ppffffffft.

Let’s review, shall we? In alphabetical order:

Abby: hella broody. Hasn’t laid in two weeks and will likely not lay for a good long time.
Alexia: reliable, but. Lays almost every day, but eggs are small or medium.
Buffy: reliable, but. Every third egg is a medium.
Coraline: reliable: Large eggs five times a week.
Haley: spotty lately. Has left the nest empty a few times.
Hermione: reliable. But who can find the damned eggs?!
Maisie: suddenly MIA. Hasn’t laid an egg in over a week.
Pip: reliable. Extra large eggs four-five times a week.
Tallulah: reliable. Extra large eggs four times a week.
Trixie: broken. Hasn’t laid a proper egg in months now.

What. The HELL. A good day is now six eggs. I’m having a hard time filling orders. I was doing better in the winter!

Oh, and get this…I’ve had five night eggs in the last two weeks. Night eggs! These aren’t young pullets just learning how things work; these are grown girls! Given the daytime laying ledger, I’d have to say it’s Maisie who is responsible for the nocturnal emissions, and seeing a cracked egg in the poop pit hurts, people. It hurts. Actual pain.

And, one more thing…the eggs seem to be paler than usual, especially the Production Reds’ eggs.

So, experienced chickaneers, what’s to blame? Stress from the chicks and all the resultant coop shenanigans? The heat? Is there a solution, other than patience? They have tons of water, ample pasture and feed, loads of daytime light hours…I’m stumped.

I know they’re not machines, but…this is getting ridiculous.


6 thoughts on “What. The. HELL.

  1. What about worms? Have you wormed them naturally lately? Earth worms can cause round worms.

    Now would be a good time to worm your broody.. There are natural wormers (pumpkin among other things). Though I probably worm mine with piperzine once a year to be safe.

    Saw worms in one of my girls. She was broody, so it was an easy fix without getting everyone else involved. I will most likely worm them all shortly.

    I definitely don’t like to use medication if I don’t have to, but all the signs you are mentioning are good indicators of parasites. Which is nothing to say about your sanitary conditions! It’s coming from bugs they eat if anything :)

    • Grrrr. I will treat them all to a round of cayenne and see if that does the trick. Abby may have to get the chemical worming, as she isn’t eating much. Good thinking, Aoxa!

      • Found this:
        Worm parasite carriers include:

        earthworms (hairworm carriers)
        grasshoppers, weevils and beetles (gizzard worm carriers)
        slugs, snails, flies, ants and beetles (tapeworm carriers)
        cockroaches (eyeworm carriers).

      • Oh, sweet baby Jesus! I don’t EVER want to hear the words “eye” and “worm” together again. kthxbi.

      • Oh it’s not pretty either lol.

        Never had it – I don’t think we get cockroaches here. Never saw one.

  2. Well. If it was *me* (bok) I’d go with stress. New siblings x 2…new digs….and crazy cold to heat wave? It’d be enough for me and we all know I’m no spring chicken. (sorry).

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