Am I blue? T minus 4.

Here we go again…

Tricia, of Tricott Dairy, placed 29 blue slate eggs in the ‘bator on May 4th. This means they are due to hatch on or about June 1st. That’s this Friday, yo!

But that’s not even the most exciting part. The most exciting part is that we are first in line for poults. Now, there just have to be six strong poults out of 29 eggs, right? I mean, I don’t want to count my turkeys before they’re hatched, but…right?!

Tricia candled a few about a week ago and stopped at seven viable embryos. I’m trying to keep my expectations in check, but things are looking good.

Tricia likes to hold on to the poults for a few days before sending them off to their new homes, and there’s a good reason. Poults are not as immediately self-sufficient as chicks. They aren’t as quick to learn eating and drinking, and they can be more prone to infection and illness.

Tricia’s farm is a good three-hour drive, and it has to be a Sunday for us, so we need to plan. I think next Sunday is just going to be too early for the poults, so The Man and I are thinking we would pick them up on June 10. They’ll have had a very good start with an expert, and we’ll be completely prepared back here.

My intention is to outfit the found crate with a full bottom (oh my), a secure lid, and run around the edges of the hardware cloth with washers and screws. It’s presently just stapled, which might be fine for a dog crate or a daytime chick pen, but I’ll sleep better knowing the hardware cloth can’t be pulled of my a determined nocturnal predator. Which we don’t have, to the best of my knowledge, but, still. I’ll sleep better.

Then the found crate can live in the showroom of the barn, because there is no room at the coop, folks. She be full. The poults will have their own private space, but will be able to watch my comings and goings as well as those of 1.0. In fact, they’ll be right in the middle of most o the laying.

So…let the count down begin…


2 thoughts on “Am I blue? T minus 4.

  1. Oh I hope they make it.. Will you take less than six?

    I’ve always been told: “Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched” which I never understood until my last hatch. I saw 36 fully developed embryos at lockdown. 29 hatched – 2 died.

    I hope you get at least 4 or 5!!

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