Nothing but the poop.

I was asked recently what I do with all the poop, and it seemed a broad enough question to address here.

Last year at this time, when 1.0 was first in the new coop, I was scooping up poop with my kitty litter scoop, putting it in a bucket, and dumping the contents on the compost heap across the yard when the bucket filled. This is not quite as disgusting as it sounds, especially if you use sand litter. (But I’m accustomed to picking up a month’s Great Dane poop at a go, so it’s all relative.)

Sand litter, provided one gets washed sand (more on that later), does an excellent job of drying out the poop, and leaving little petrified blobs that are pretty unoffensive. To me. (Washed sand because unwashed sand contains silt and clay, which retain moisture, and, therefore, odour. Washed sand does a great job of drying the poop out quickly, controlling odour, ammonia and flies. Your mileage may vary.)

I got tired of dragging full buckets to the compost pile pretty quickly when it dawned on me…I have a poop pit.

Ever since, I have sifted the poop and popped it in the pit. The contents of the pit are dusted every 2-5 days, depending on weather, with a rotation of wood shavings, DE, and Sweet PDZ.

Yes, the poop pit fills up more quickly, but I’ve only had to empty it thrice in a year, and once was to evacuate the ROUSes. It’s not that big a deal, although it requires planning, and it leads me to wipe down the pit and roosts. And that? Is a good thing.

Our set up is unusual and pretty sweet, and it’s all The Man’s doing. The design of the removable screen door makes this all possible.

With the screen removed, he pulls the tractor up to the opening, bucket aloft, and all I have to do is shovel it into the tractor bucket. The Man then dumps it onto the compost heap, across the yard.

It’s a job, but I, personally, would rather one big job three or four times a year than a niggling job a few times a week. Your mileage may vary.

So…that’s the poop!


4 thoughts on “Nothing but the poop.

  1. I so need a poop pit…

    Not sure how I would create it.. Especially since my coop is in a barn..

    Is it possible? Please say yes lol

    • My coop is in a barn! It’s just a big box with a chicken wire covering. It’s the getting out you want to think of. Wheelbarrow? You’d only have to do it a few times a year…

      • I can pull my tractor thing (oh gosh… what are they called?!) in and fill it up. Does the poop stick to the wire?

        I want to see a tour of your barn/coop :P

      • I finish up my cleaning by scraping down the chicken wire, pushing through the big poop. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to eat off the chicken wire, but it does the job of keeping the chickens out.

        The next time the barn/coop has a good cleaning, I’ll be sure to put together a video tour, just for you!

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