2.0, meet 2.1. 2.1, meet 2.0.

Today was our first dry day in a while. Well, “dry” being relative. It was one of those days that feels pleasant enough until you do a minute and a half of light physical work, and then you’re drenched in sweat and you realise there was no point in showering.

I decided that today would be the day, Mr. Gorbachev, to take down that wall. The pegboard wall inside the pink gazebo, that is.

When I divided the brooder for my spontaneous Easter Egger love children, it was in great haste. It seemed wise to have a solid divider between the two groups at first, the babies being to very tiny, and that might have been the correct decision. Or, maybe, I was over protective. It’s been known to happen.

In any event, I’m thinking the first step to a peaceful integration is (say it with me)…boredom. They need find each other utterly tedious. With 2.0 in the run for the day, and 2.1 in the found crate for the day (they discovered grass for the first time today!), I took an hour this morning to complete the transformation.

I had to take everything out, and take the gazebo back down to canvas and sand, then rebuild it using two layers of garden netting, weighted with bricks, as the dividing wall. This afforded me the opportunity to give the sand a thorough cleaning, and pare down my heating appliances to two.

Here’s how it looked, pre-occupation, from above:

From the 2.0 side:

And from the 2.1 side:

We just returned home from a family dinner, and I headed up to the barn to get both generations into their renovated home. The babies are still quite easy to corral at this point; the kids are a nightmare. I can’t wait until they figure out the concept of walking up a ramp.

Once they were all zipped up in their respective compartments, it looked like this from the 2.0 side:

And like this from the 2.1 side:

I have a couple of Australorps pacing back and forth, testing the netting with their beaks, but I’m not seeing any overt hostility at this point. The two generations seem quite interested in each other, and I’m hoping they will get to know each other, and integrate peacefully when they are more of a size.

Or I could wake up tomorrow morning to a matted tangle of black netting, clothespins, and chick guts.

It could go either way.


2 thoughts on “2.0, meet 2.1. 2.1, meet 2.0.

  1. Hey whatever works! I’ve raised babies right next to hens before separated by wire and all was fine. Until of course the day I took away the wire divider! But that will be another post, and we’ll address that then!

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