Abby:1. Me:0.

That’s it; I give up.

The wire worked. Which is to say, it kept Abby off her preferred nest. But it kept her balanced on the edge of the nest frame for goodness only knows how long. When she came out with the others at dawn this morning, I thought “Huzzah! I win!!”

Not so fast, sister.

At 10:30am, after I had reopened the coop to 1.0, she resumed her post on the edge of the nesting box, all puffed up. That’s okay, I thought; I can wait her out. I have more resolve than a chicken.

When I came back from my mid-day errands, however, she was happily ensconced in the adjacent nest box, sitting the egg Hermione had just laid.

That’s it; white flag; I surrender. I can’t wire up all the nest boxes. I just can’t. The better chicken has won.

Not only did I give her nest box back to her, sans wire, but I gave her two undersized eggs to sit, thinking it might hurry the process along a bit. She puts up with 2.0 dancing all over her, and, as long as I can evict her for the morning, Alexia can pop her eggs out in her nest of choice. I may even leave them in the nest for Abby to accumulate.

You can’t fight Mother Nature. At least, I can’t. And now, a perfect egg day is EBT&A. Which would be really funny except I’m averaging six eggs a day now.

I ain’t laughing.


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