Oh, HERMIONE. Porch edition.

The chicks were screaming at me to let them out of the brooder this morning, as per usual. It’s a tossup: do I let them fly out their zoomies for half an hour, after which they’ll settle down in the brooder and let the big girls have the coop for laying, or do I keep them restrained while Alexia and Hermione lay? (Yes, Hermione’s back in the coop; don’t try to keep up.)

I opted for the former this morning, thinking it would only be a few minutes before I could open up the coop to 1.0 again.

The Man and I were in the living room, waiting for the girls to come home from their mother’s, and I looked out the window to see this:

It seems I was a little slow to reopen the coop, and Hermione was sussing out new nests. Look what she found!! Comfortable, elevated, private, never been used…much better than a tennis racket! I’ll take it! (That’s Lucius checking her out.)

You don’t have to hit me on the head with a two-by-four. I called her over to me and headed to the barn to put 2.0 in the brooder and let Hermione and Alexia have their nests.

We’re in for a run of gloriously sunny weather, so the babies will be spending most of their days outside in the found crate, leaving the coop open full time.

But. we’re going to need a bigger outside pen soon…


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