The chicks will be four weeks old tomorrow, and that’s what they’ve become…ruffians. Over-privileged ruffians. Hooligans, even.

They scream to be let out of their preposterously-spacious and visually-pretentious brooder, then fly out as though they’d been released from a torture chamber. They kick their food all over the sand, then complain the feeder is empty. They’ve even begun to harass their older sisters.

More and more frequently, there are opportunities for me to supervise 1.0/2.0 visitations, and they are a lot of fun to watch. I’m holding my breath much of the time, muscles coiled to spring into action if need be, but…fun.

I try to have my camera with me always these days, because one never knows when a Kodak moment will present itself. Unfortunately, the lighting in the coop is awkward and my seat far from the feeder, so these photos are of a poor quality. To have attempted to rectify either issue would have scattered the action, so I opted for poor-quality pics, rather than no pics at all.

1.0 will occasionally come into the coop to make use of the feeder while 2.0 is out loose. The little ones used to scurry and hide, but no more. Now they want to know what’s what, and they aren’t shy about it. They approach 1.0 with a mixture of “waddawe gonna do today, huh, Spike, huh, Spike?”, “you’re not the boss of me!”, and “mommy?”.

Here’s a little photo story of Trixie and the biddies, taken yesterday afternoon. Trixie came in to feed, and was doing her best to ignore the junior members:

…until they got a little close for comfort…

….and she elected to flee.

But you haven’t seen the whole story until you’ve seen the classic Trixie Baby Bonk that was delivered on the way out, captured on video (all four seconds of it), and posted on the Heedley’s Hens Facebook Page.

Then, it was Hermione’s turn. The chicks get that there’s something to eat in that white tube, and they want to know what it is.

(Fear not. I’m well aware that layer feed is bad for chicks. Even if they could get at the feed, the pellets are too large for them to eat. For now. I’ll be moving to a game bird grower feed, flock-wide, in the near future.)

They are not above hovering (so to speak):

I watched eagerly to see if the chick would try to land on Hermione’s back, which she did do, eventually. Cheeky monkey! Hermione’s bonks are also captured on video on the Facebook page.

Today, the a chick actually lept up to peck at Coraline’s face, and another pecked at Trixie’s feet while she was feeding. Whatever next?!

See? Ruffians!


2 thoughts on “Ruffians.

  1. It’s never ending… at least around here! Today I found my boss hen and the weakest bird laying in a hole together in the heat of the day. What was that all about… :)

  2. They are so hilarious at this age. I’ve even caught my chicks of that age stealing treats I brought the big girls (lettuce, bread, etc) – and they are so fast that they get away with it.

    Love the picture with Hermione! So cute!

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