A perfect egg day is now EBT*.

* everyone but Trixie.

We had nine eggs yesterday. A perfect day now, which means…everyone but Trixie.

Trixie has still not laid a normal egg. She has laid fart egg after fart egg after fart egg, about two a week, in various sizes, textures and colours, but that’s it. Clearly, her eggmaker is broken.

And she is such a bitch about it. I mean, you can not lay or you can be a shrieking harpy, but you can’t be both. right? There are times I have to leave the barn because I can’t take her complaining a moment longer. She hops from nest to nest, looking for the magic one with will restore her to fecundity, to no avail. She has tried them all. She squats for me, desperately, multiple times a day….doesn’t help.

I feel so badly for her. Clearly, something is wrong in her body, and she knows it. She’s not unwell in any other aspect. She is eating, drinking and pooping, of a good weight, feathers glossy, eyes bright and clear. No worms, no mites, no lice. But her eggmaker is on the fritz. It’s stuck between “none” and “fart”.

Even if I were inclined to take a chicken to the vet (I am not…your mileage may vary), our vet doesn’t have an avian specialist; few do. I’m sure I could find one local-ish were I so inclined, but…I’m not. See above.

And what would the vet do? Give Trixie a pelvic exam?! She’s perfectly healthy otherwise. Given how long this has been going on, I’m disinclined to suspect anything that might be contagious; surely, I’d see signs in the other girls. So…something genetic? Just not a good layer?

I’m just now remembering that this all started a few weeks after the dog attack, which was February 20, so…just over two months. I have no explanation. Many of the other girls have off days, even off weeks, but off months?! This is Trixie’s first spring/summer as a layer, theoretically the most productive time of her life. I feel like a schmuck when I lift her off a nest to allow another, actually-laying hen to have it, but what can I do?!

Here’s a pic of Buffy intimidating Trixie out of her place in the wicker basket nest:

Buffy won.

Update 1pm: Trixie laid another fart egg today, while I was out. Or did she…?

The egg on the left is Trixie’s last fart egg, a truly pathetic thing, which is surely all shell. It’s the smallest she’s ever laid, and I figured we were headed in the wrong direction.

The egg to the right is Tallulah’s extra large, laid today, for comparison. The egg in the center was found in The Baby Box, next to Tallulah’s egg. This is the largest egg Trixie has laid in well over two months.

It looks more “pullet bullet” than fart egg; it might even have a yolk. Could this be…progress?!


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