Happy broody’s day!

Happy Mother’s Day, whether your children be human, furry, or feathered!

We’ve had a spate of glorious summer weather here, and 2.0 is having their second day in a row outside in the found crate.

And, look! I finally have a close up of an Australorp!

They’re still afraid of me, so the only way to get close up was to stick my hand in the crate and snap blind. This made for some very interesting reject shots, as you might imagine.

The chicks might be nervous of me, but they are fascinated by their older sisters. When 1.0 comes next to the crate for scratch, 1.0 presses against the wire to see them. I’m actually looking forward to seeing them together…

And they’re not the only ones that are fascinated. 2.0 is pretty ho-hum about the whole thing, but Billie and the cats are not. Oliver has slipped into an easy, harmonious rhythm with our household much, much more quickly than I had dreamed he might. He is an eager playmate for Billie (really!), and he can often be found lying in the middle of the flock…just hanging out with the girls.

Here he is, in the background, after admiring the snack-sized girls. The sight made him thirsty, so he’s helping himself to 1.0’s water dish:

As you can see, he’s not the only one fascinated…


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