Little women? The sequel.

I’ve been keeping my eye on my littlest chick to see if she is a he. She’s smaller than her sisters, but her feather development is significantly ahead of where Jack’s was at this age, and her comb not as prominent. I am exhaling, cautiously.

She is still the smallest, though, and by quite a bit. She is also a Silver Laced Wyandotte, which makes her one of my “good girls”, and, so, she is the first one to get her name.

She is Gidget. Gidget the Midget. I know, I know; very un-PC of me. I just can’t resist a tasty rhyme.

And if Gidget the Midget should turn out to be a roo? Gidget had a boyfriend in all those movies, right? What was his name again? I googled “Gidget’s boyfriend” this morning.

Moondoggie. His name would be Moondoggie. Which is so awesome, I almost want it to happen.



4 thoughts on “Little women? The sequel.

  1. Could it be a SLW trait that they grow a little slower? Is she smaller than Krusty? My smallest is also a SLW, but she had a rough start so I’m hoping she just needs to catch up. My GLW (Sausage) is one of the largest of my group though.

    • I think it’s a coincidence. My other two SLW are HUGE. It makes sense that Krusty is a little behind the curve; she had digestive issues in additon to the eye thing. She may catch up. I think Gidget is just a tiny little thing.

  2. Small eggs make for smaller chicks. Maybe she was hatched out of a smaller egg.. Was she smaller when you first got them? I have a bunch of silkie chicks and two are very notably smaller than the others. They came out of the smallest eggs.

    As for feather development.. Usually boys feather out slower, but not always. I have two barred rock boys that are feathering out FASTER than their sisters. It’s not foolproof. I think you have a girl.

    By the way, that name is hilarious. I love it! lol

    • I’m sure you’re right. I got her pre-hatched so I can’t know for sure. Alexia is certainly significantly smaller than Tallulah and Pip. Of course, a mini hippo is smaller than Tallulah and Pip.

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