Please pardon our appearance…

…while we renovate.

The chicks are now 2.5 weeks old, and looking pretty darned ratty. Their fuzzy down is slowly being replaced by their first set of big girl feathers, and I can begin to see their adult colourations.

The Australorps, for example, are losing the white down on their chests, that had given them the look of baby penguins, and gaining tiny black feathers. When they’re done with this process, all their feathers will be black. Every last one.

If you look closely at the shoulders in the next pic, you can see that the Silver Laced Wyandottes are just beginning to get the silver-white feathers laced with black that will give them their lacy adult appearance.

They may look ragged, but they’re becoming more and more active. They now fly out of the brooder at me when I open the front door, eager to explore their larger world.

Day-old chicks are heart-breakingly cute, but, for me, this is the fun part.


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