1.0, meet 2.0. 2.0, meet 1.0.

I have high hopes that brooding in the coop will go a long way toward peaceful flock unification. I’ve heard horror stories of chickeneers attempting integration of new chicks. I’ve also heard stories of seamless, non-violent integration, but it’s the horror stories that stick with you, isn’t it? There’s a reason why experienced chickeneers advise to just start a new, separate flock.

The hens spend very little of their days in the coop itself, not more than a waking hour a day, except for the Alexia and Abby, the only two who still lay in the coop nesting boxes. (The Man worked so hard on those…poor guy. I appreciate you, baby.)

Now that the babies are so much bigger and can no longer slip right through the bars of the crate (she said), I’ve been leaving the front of the brooder uncovered when it’s lockdown time, right before sunset.

The big girls are intrigued, and the little girls are fascinated. They rush right up to the front bars to see the big girls, begging for their attention. It’s pretty adorable. They even tried to slip through the bars, giving their human mama a heart attack, but were mercifully unsuccessful. The big girls are less well intentioned, and Trixie, in particular, is dishing out the head bonks.

I have even allowed 2.0 to intermingle with a few of the 1.0 girls outside of the brooder, under strict supervision. I’m hoping lots of this will lead to boredom.

Because boredom is good.


10 thoughts on “1.0, meet 2.0. 2.0, meet 1.0.

  1. My rooster adores my chicks! It’s so strange :P Anyway.. Even when their mom isn’t around to protect them, the chicks can run fast enough to get away from the bigger ones. I’ve actually seen one of them grab a piece of bread out of my head hen’s mouth. Ballsy!

    My eggs are hatching too!! :D I can hear peeping <3

    By the way, your Maisie (is that one Maisie?) Has the biggest comb and wattles I've ever seen on a female barred rock! She'd give my rooster a run for his money lol. It's adorable though :) She's very cute!

    • How cute is that? He’s GORGEOUS. Yes, my Barred Rocks are definitely…not from a breeder. That’s Coraline in the pic. I can tell them apart because Coraline’s comb folds over to the right, Abby’s to the left, and Maisie’s is smaller so it sticks straight up. I’m pretty sure that’s not breed standard!

      • My barred rocks are not from a hatchery, but aren’t up to standard. Just purchased some really good stock that has this long feathering gene.

        That’s the breeder I got them from. Those are the ones he’s watching over. I really like my rooster though. He is very people friendly :)

        I thought my Marge had a big comb until I saw Coraline’s :P I like it though. Nothing wrong with it at all!

        By the way, my first barred rock chick is out and drying off! Oh this is so exciting!

  2. Very cute pic of the big girls checking out the little ones. Strict supervision def a good idea at this point, though. Horror stories abound out there. Hope the coop-brooding experiment is successful!

  3. It sounds like you are well on your way to a peacable kingdom (knock on wood!). Now that our chicks have moved outside, I already want a 2.0 generation of my own.

    • You have no idea! I am absolutely gobsmacked at how quickly and how well Oliver has fit into our menagerie. He and our great dane are now the best of friends and play with each other inside and out. They’re inseparable. Oliver goes over to the neighbour’s house to keep an eye on the big chickens, and Billie’s really good with them, too.

      I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop…

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