Every now and again, life throws you a biscuit.

I had a heads up from a newly-chicked friend yesterday morning that she had heard of a large crate made of 2x4s and hardware cloth going begging near us.

Go for it! I cried. This is manna from heaven, baby. The gods are with you!

For reasons I am too circumspect to reveal here (ahem), she was unable to make the snag, leaving the field wide open. Could I? Would I? But…how? And…why?

I don’t really have a need for it, that I can see at the moment. The much-coveted, much-awaited pink gazebo arrives tomorrow, which will surely meet all my current brooding needs, as well as my future poult needs.

(Triciaaaaaaa…… <=== my best Stanley Kowalski)

But, but…FREE.

The Man and I had a demolition project scheduled for after work last night. The wall in the upstairs hallway had been falling apart slowly for some time and needed replacing. We were going to Home Depot afterward, anyway…

Long story short…we didn’t know if it would still be there, but we went anyway. It was, and the woman said it was to have been picked up by the junk man in the morning, so our alacrity was rewarded. It had been, in its former life, an outdoor dog pen, which is why only half of the bottom is covered with plywood. The other half, open to the grass, was meant, presumably, for…you know.

It needs some sort of lid, of course, and a purpose, but I couldn’t just let it pass by. It’s extremely sturdy and they used very heavy gauge hardware cloth. It might make a good isolation pen, or a broody pen, or an outside brooder…have you seen the price of heavy gauge hardware cloth??!!

When the universe hands you a gimme, I have learned, it’s rude to say thanks, but no thanks. And the universe doesn’t like rudeness.

So, it’s home, in the barn, purpose TBA:

What do you think, poultry peeps? Score?


6 thoughts on “Score!

  1. Yeah, I SO wish I was “allowed” to get it myself…..I think you got a TOTAL score and I’m glad you got it!!! Even if you don’t end up using it you could take it apart and reuse the materials. I HAVE seen the price of heavy duty hardware cloth….and the price of 2×4’s! It barely looks used, couldn’t have been outside long?

    • That’s a good point. It’s untreated wood and it isn’t bleached at all and there is NO rust on the hardware cloth. You’re right. And one has to wonder…how big was the dog?! Small, I hope. Of course, I look at everything through the eye of a Great Dane owner. You could have used it for the little rats!

      • I am almost thinking that the Homeowner’s Association in that complex probably told the owner it had to go. They are REALLY strict there!!

      • Yes, they are, but I don’t think that was the case. They were trying to sell the townhouse; there was a real estate key box on the front door handle. Or maybe the dog died…?

    • Yes! It’s big enough, goodness knows. And I could use it for isolating a sick bird if only there were some place around here my girls don’t go! They really do have the run of the place, spoiled beyotches…

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