Is this the little girl I carried? C plus 10.

I’m sure the day will come when I cease to be astonished at the growth rate of chicks, but that day has not yet arrived. My biddies are about twelve days old today, and they are easily twice the size they were when I brought them home, ten days ago.

And it’s not just their size. They are flapping around and grooming themselves, and behaving like, well…proper chickens.

We have robins who nest on our eastern porch light every spring, and into July by the time the third batch is ready to leave. This year’s first batch hatched about a week ago, a few days after the chicks, and they look like this today:

Blind, naked, helpless. The discrepancy amazes me. (And check out this pic enlarged. You can actually see the eyelashes on the baby robin.)

Here are my chooks today, feeling perky with the warmer weather and the brisk breeze:

It’s nice enough this afternoon that I opened up the exterior coop door, unwrapped the crate, and opened the crate door, letting them see outside their little world. What I didn’t expect is that three of them would make a run for it, and begin investigating the larger world. I managed to capture it on video, which I’m posting to the Heedley’s Hens Facebook Page.

We have one more freezing night ahead of us, then the forecast begins to look more springish. I’m looking forward to letting the biddies explore the coop, and even bringing them outside in another crate on a 75+-degree day, and letting them explore grass and sunshine.

And they have a new brooder coming in the mail! More on that after it arrives…


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