How to paint a lady.

The Man, The Stepdaughters and I live in a large, rambling farm house, which was built in four installments, in four different eras. The original building is 150 years old; the first addition was added some years later; the next addition was in the 50s; the last addition was in the 70s.

It’s not, therefore, strictly speaking, a Victorian. But somewhere along the way, someone decided to tart her up with Victorian embellishments, and they did a fine job of it.

The house is in desperate need of painting; ever since The Man bought the house (pre-me), he’s wanted to do her over as a true Painted Lady, and I got right on board that train. Hellz, yeah! What could be cooler than a brightly-coloured house in the middle of the countryside that says “love me or piss off”?

It’s looking as though this is the summer it’s finally going to happen. The colours have been chosen (five, not three; go big or go home, I always say), and the plan is in motion.

First step, try out the colours so we can get comfy with them, before taking The Big Plunge. There is a smallish well outside the kitchen window which is perfect for the job. It’s been prepped, sanded and power washed, and would have been painted today had it not been so damnedably windy here.

Here’s my question to you, gentle reader: I was thinking of documenting the dramatic changes in a blog. Should I do it here, or elsewhere? Answer the poll below and let your voice be heard!


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