They grow up so fast. C plus 5.

The chicklets are doing great; no listlessness, no crying, no bratty behaviour.

To augment their “discovery corner”, I added two roosts to the square of sod: one wide and flat, the other a branch from a tree. They spend much of their days now tugging at blades of grass and scaling the large square roost. I even saw one chase a bug.

Their wing feathers are more pronounced (easy to miss with these dark-feathered chicks) and tiny, fluffy butt sprouts are appearing, the very beginnings of tail feathers. I keep watching them all suspiciously for late bloomers; I don’t need another gender surprise.

Here’s a Silver-Laced Wyandotte hanging out on the lawn:

Another Silver-Laced Wyandotte, at left, with two Australorps eyeing the camera:

And a group scene that looks as though it were a Beach Boys album cover photo:

They arrived at Agway last Friday, which means the were mailed last Thursday, which means they were born last Wednesday. Tomorrow, they will be one week old. In one more week, the flying and chest bumping will begin.

I’m looking forward to that part…


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