The Hideaway is the shiz. A photo story.

Nest popularity comes and goes; The Baby Box, for instance, hasn’t been used in some time. Only Pip uses The Annex now.

But, The Hideaway…The Hideaway is the place to lay, baby. Lately, there has been a raucous, aggressive logjam at the Hideaway in the morning. If I catch a girl nursing the egg she just laid, I’ll move her along, but, otherwise…I cannot get involved in internal affairs.

I do boot off Trixie if she’s holding up the line these days, as she was first time today. I know she’s trying, but she’s not laying, and I have to make room for the girls who are. Buffy was up next this morning, booted out for Coraline once she had laid her egg.

When I returned later to check on the babies. I found this:

Haley, rightfully ensconced in The Hideaway having waited her time in the queue, was being harassed by Maisie. trying to butt in. Haley had the advantage of incumbency, but Maisie was determined to oust her.

She looked for an opening:

…manipulated her head under Haley’s body:

…wedged her way under Haley’s breast:

Haley’s all; what the hell??!!:

I didn’t stay for the final act, but I have a feeling Haley’s been bumped. The sad thing is, Haley lays with admirable efficiency, and Maisie is a loiterer. Haley will be waiting for a good, long time.

What could I do?


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