Heedley’s Hens get international.

One of the benefits of blogging on WordPress is their new statistics-by-country feature. I can find out not only how many clicks a day the blog is getting, but from whence. And I have been surprised and delighted to see how multi-national my girls are.

Now, I’m not a complete idiot. I know many of these are accidental clicks or spam pushers, but…still.

Check out the stamps on Heedley’s Hens Passport, baby…and this is only the last few weeks!

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 1,515
Canada FlagCanada 674
Australia FlagAustralia 44
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 38
France FlagFrance 12
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 9
Greece FlagGreece 8
Turkey FlagTurkey 6
Pakistan FlagPakistan 5
Brazil FlagBrazil 5
Ireland FlagIreland 5
Albania FlagAlbania 4
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 3
Italy FlagItaly 3
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 3
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea 3
Chile FlagChile 2
Thailand FlagThailand 2
Egypt FlagEgypt 2
Israel FlagIsrael 2
Sweden FlagSweden 2
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 2
Benin FlagBenin 1
Belgium FlagBelgium 1
Poland FlagPoland 1
Cambodia FlagCambodia 1
Puerto Rico FlagPuerto Rico 1
Nigeria FlagNigeria 1
Bangladesh FlagBangladesh 1
Latvia FlagLatvia 1
Venezuela FlagVenezuela 1
Singapore FlagSingapore 1
Finland FlagFinland 1
India FlagIndia 1
Norway FlagNorway 1
Mexico FlagMexico 1
Germany FlagGermany

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