Born bad. C minus 2.

It’s almost time!

Friday at 11am, I will be at Agway, picking out my new girls. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I did that for the first time. I was so nervous I’d choose the wrong ones. As it turned out, they were all ferociously healthy, even if one of them was a stealth boy.

Last year, I chose three chicks of four breeds, for a total of twelve. I wanted a mixed flock, and, even as chicks, it was easy to tell the breeds apart.

This year…not so much.

I decided to go with a “good girls/bad girls” theme when naming the chicks this year. The good girls are the Silver Laced Wyandottes:

They’re to be named Dorothy, Alice and Gidget. The bad girls are the Australorps:

They’re to be named Scarlet, Delilah, and Jezebel.

(And, yes, I understand the philosophical and ethical dangers of assigning badness to blackness and goodness to whiteness, and also of assigning measurements of the soul based on outward appearances. I just can’t get worked up over it.)

That’s all fine and good, but what about when they’re fluff balls? Seems they’re going to look remarkably similar:

The first chicks, the darker ones, are the Wyandottes; the second pic, of the lighter chicks, is Australorps.

So, when does a chick go bad? The same as human girls…when they grow up.


7 thoughts on “Born bad. C minus 2.

  1. I would have named the SLW bad girl names – they are much more wild in temperament than the australorps. :P

    But they are all oh so cute! Can’t wait for your first post on them all!

      • If I were to do that, Aoxa, methinks there wouldn’t be any poults in my future…

      • Are you getting antsy? So close to getting your chicks!

        I might get a goose. What do you think? :P I want something that will help train my puppy. A 30 pound goose could reprimand a playful great Pyrenees, don’t you think?

        In case I didn’t show you Clementine yet :) Isn’t she adorable?

      • Well, I’m biased, of course, but I think a 30-pound TOM is the way to go! I hear they can be as good as a donkey at protecting the flock, and your puppy won’t mess with him, either. Billie is so good now; I can trust her with the girls completely. And we only introduced her at 11 months, so I’m sure your new puppy will do great.

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