Great egg spectations.

When pullets first begin to lay, it takes a while for the machinery to run smoothly. Eggs can come out with soft shells or no shells. They might be laid from just about anywhere, including from the top of the roosts. They can tiny or huge. Some might have two, or even three, yolks in them. Our Barred Rocks put out a number of double yolkers at first.

With time, though, hens produce a more uniform product. Trixie’s issues notwithstanding, it’s been downright tedious here at Heedley’s Hens: large egg, large egg, extra large egg, medium egg from Alexia, large egg, extra large egg…

Until yesterday.

The girls don’t usually lay late in the afternoon, but Pip and Coraline still owed me an egg, so I took a look in the barn at 6pm, and found this in the Annex:

No. not the one on the left; the one on the right. The one on the left is in the photo to give you a tiny feeling for scale. Because, you see, the one on the left is an extra large. The one on the right was laid by Pip. Pip lays extra larges with dependable regularity. But this? Is the size of a goose egg. It fills my palm, and I have big hands.

Take the day off, Pip, and someone get that girl an ice pack, stat!

This egg is soooooo big…(how big is it?!) It’s soooooo big that there was no way it could fit into one of my cartons.

It’s so big, it easily maxed out my egg scale, so I had to resort to my old, ugly food scale. It weighed the egg in at three ounces, and that scale undermeasures.

So, how big is a three ounce-plus egg?

There ya go.

I haven’t opened it yet; I’ll wait until the Stepdaughters’ return on Thursday. Will it be a double yolker? Maybe Stepdaughter the Younger will have it for breakfast.

Pip was the last of our chicks to be named. We had twelve, and there are four of us, so we each had three to name. Stepdaughter the Younger was having a hard time coming up with a third name for the lone remaining Brahma, so The Man suggested Pip, as Great Expectations is his favourite Dickens novel. She liked the sound of it, and agreed.

Little did we know that Pip would grow up to be the largest of our hens, and that she would some day lay…that.


4 thoughts on “Great egg spectations.

  1. Hey, I have some of those cartons too! Our Red Stars regularly lay huge eggs. I had to buy some cartons designed for duck & goose eggs to hold them.

    • Lucky you! Since the “pullet bullet” days, we’ve only had one huge double yolker from Tallulah, then this one.

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