Am I blue? T minus 30ish.

I really should have been prepared for the failed poult hatch from the hatchery, and I mean that both in the sense that a) I, as a reasonably-intelligent person, should have realised it was a distinct possibility, and b) they should have prepared me for it. These birds aren’t so easy to hatch.

I should have gone to a specialist right away, but, having waited this long, I’d now be on the far end of a waiting list at, say, Porter’s, getting my poults late June. Unless…

The Man suggested (brilliantly, yet again) that I ask around for local breeders. We might be able to find them a) sooner than late June, and b) without a 15-poult minimum, as no mailing would be required; we would drive to pick them up.

(Do you know what makes it possible to bring home cold-sensitive poults on a 3-hour drive? The Brinsea plugged into an AC adapter!)

After joining the Rare Heritage Turkey chat group on Yahoo, a member responded to my recent poultlessness with a heads up that there was an advertisement for blue slate poults in the Syracuse Craigslist. Huzzah! Turkey people are awesome.

Three or four emails later, and I am on the waiting list for blue slate poults, possibly from the hatch currently in the ‘bator, due to hatch May 3rd, or, if not, definitely from the next batch, due to hatch mid-May. Which is a lot better than late June for numerous reasons.

So, sometime in May, The Man and I, and possibly the Stepdaughters, will be driving up past Syracuse to Mexico, New York to see Tricia at the Tricott Dairy. You can read more about the Tricott Dairy here, and here.

Check out her gorgeous boys and girls:

Can’t wait to meet the babies, Tricia…they’re gonna be famous!!


2 thoughts on “Am I blue? T minus 30ish.

  1. Wow, I’m really excited to read about your turkey advenures! Very cool – we are only just getting into chickens and don’t have enough space for turkeys at this point, but I love learning from the source. :)

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