A clockwork chicken. C minus 5.

It’s official: I give up.

I just can’t place my hopes and expectations on Buffy’s imperfect mothering anymore. The chicks are five days away. Had I another two weeks, maybe. MAYBE. But five days?

Yesterday’s tack was to leave the crate unlatched, thinking: if she could come and go as she pleased, perhaps she wouldn’t feel trapped and would stay longer. So, I wrapped the fleece curtains around the opening, leaving a space as an exit, and Buffy sat there quite contentedly…until 2:30. At which time, she left, and did not return.

There are now fifteen eggs in the nest, NINE of which are perfectly good for eating, or were until I sacrificed them for this little experiment. This morning, she hasn’t returned to the nest at all, choosing, instead, to hang out with her posse.

Now, I get it. I do. It’s hard balancing work and family. Maybe Buffy has just come to the conclusion that all women eventually reach: you can’t have it all, no matter what the magazines say. And maybe she decided that she’s just not cut out for motherhood. But I have babies coming and I need to make plans. Flaky don’t feed the bulldog.

What was the problem this morning? Did she not want to pass through the curtains to get to the nest? There was the same gap through which she passed to leave yesterday afternoon. Is it too foreboding now? I lifted back the fleece curtains…to no avail. It’s Sunday, dammit, and she wants a day off.

But mommies don’t get a day off, Buffy. Ever.


4 thoughts on “A clockwork chicken. C minus 5.

  1. Oh Buffy..

    She sounds a lot like my barred rock Marge. She will sit for hours and scream when you come near, but will get off her nest mid afternoon and spend time with her friends. We call her turkey because she puts her wings out and fluffs up like a turkey. I wouldn’t trust a barred rock as a broody, but a buff orpington? They are meant to do this!

    • That’s something that always nagged at me. Buffy never screamed or got in any way upset when I approached her while she was on the nest. She was happy to receive a chicken butt handshake, even. I was hoping she’d get bitchy eventually. (And how many times do you see a sentence like THAT?!)

      She was a big faker, or just trying it on. She’s evicted from the brooder, but couldn’t care less. She laid in the Annex yesterday, and the Hideaway today.

      • My potential broodies get bitchy even before they go full on broody. I have some that are bitchy even without enticing – my Delaware for example will scream at me when I walk into the barn if she is laying. It’s hilarious, but so unlike her.

        She is definitely a chicken that needs privacy during the laying period.

        Oh and all my chickens stick in the same spot continuously. Your girls like to mix it up lol.

        She most likely will go broody on you when you least expect it, or least want it to happen.

      • That’s when I online order some amercauna and chocolate maran hatching eggs, right? (Just kidding, honey…)

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