Heedley’s Hens get mysterious.

Abby is about the same today. Still limping heavily, eating and drinking, but spending more time with the flock and less time in the barn. It’s going to be a long road. I make a point of finding her alone at least once a day, and sneaking her a special treat of scrambled eggs, yogurt, and uncooked oatmeal. This isn’t easy, given how flighty she is these days.

The Stepdaughters returned home today, and I told them about Abby’s condition. I presented them with a challenge: if you two could find a lot of Abby’s feathers, the ones that she lost, that would solve the mystery of where it happened, which might solve the mystery of what happened. They were off running before I finished my sentence.

It wasn’t five minutes before they called me to them, across the street to the east of our property. Sure enough, they found a trail of black-and-white striped feathers, running along about 30 feet of roadside, caught in the grass and leaves. Now, it has been two days and there has been wind, so they might have traveled, but it’s all we have.

So…roadside. This leads us back to lostartofsimpleliving’s theory that there was a car involved. Goodness knows, our girls take chances. The question is not “why did the chicken cross the road”, but “why won’t the chicken get off the damned road??!!” Every now and again, I’ll look out a window and see a line of cars stopped on the road, or else a car moving verrrrrry slowly, and I’ll know the girls are in migration, and taking their time about it.

People seem to be pretty good natured about it; I get lots of smiles and waves when they see me (and I mouthe “thank you!” as clearly as I can), but it’s a concern. For my upcoming birthday, I will be asking for four of these:

God forbid there should ever be a chicken-related car accident; it’s too horrible to contemplate. The Man is even more concerned about the, ahem…impact of fully-grown turkeys, but that’s another post.

All this to say, maybe Abby was hit by a car. But then, how was she injured on her back? Bear with me.

What if she tried to scoot under a moving car, thinking she could make it across in time, and was injured under the car, somehow? That might account for the neat, almost perfect, strip of feathers that was plucked from her back, and if something highly percussive happened while she was under the car, it might account for a) the abrasion atop her left hip bone, and b) the injury to her leg.

It’s the best I have. Beyond that, it will have to remain a mystery.

Here’s another mystery for you: why won’t she take a break from laying eggs, already?! Another XXL today, but late enough in the afternoon that I believe she’ll take the day off tomorrow.

What an overachiever!


2 thoughts on “Heedley’s Hens get mysterious.

  1. Not having seen her, my thought was she was hit, knocked on her side/back and slid, which would account for the missing feathers and probably the injured leg. Massive road rash?
    I am extremely invested in this mystery, can you tell?? :)

    • I could buy the road rash theory if it weren’t all so NEAT. Seriously, the abraded area is a 2×2 inch square. Like it was drawn with a protractor. In any event, she is a little better today, and hanging more with her girls. And that’s? A good thing.

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