Hop-along Abby.

Abby has had a difficult day, but she’s not in any danger. She has been limping heavily all day, and spent the better part of the morning crouching on the barn’s showroom floor, but she is eating, and drinking, and foraging, and pooping. Her left eye shows significant improvement.

She also laid a Herculean egg, well over a “jumbo”. I call that above and beyond the call.

Chicken Debbie looked her over about an hour ago, and declared that the cause could not have been a hawk or a dog, or, in fact, a predator, because there are no puncture wounds, just a deep abrasion atop her left hip, as though a two-inch square of skin had been lightly flayed, and with some precision. The strip of missing feathers travels all the way up to the base of her neck.

How Abby became injured will remain a mystery, it seems.

I helped her up onto the roosts tonight. She looked as though she wanted to try it on her own; I thought another day’s recovery might go a long way to setting her up for success. She’s very, very shy, especially around Billie, our Great Dane; we may never know what happened to her.

Debbie warned me that the limp may be permanent. I do hope there is some improvement, so she can keep up with the flock. There’s no break in the bones or puncture in the flesh or anything sharp stuck in the bottom of the foot, so perhaps a deep bruise on the hip bone, or a sprain or tissue injury of some kind.

Whatever it is, I hope it heals at least a little, because she is clearly in significant pain. She doesn’t need Blu-Kote or antibiotics, but I do wish I could give the girl an aspirin.


2 thoughts on “Hop-along Abby.

    • Good thought, but I don’t know how she would have had the feather loss and the scraping she does in that scenario. The Man had a good idea; we need to go looking for the lost feathers, and the scene may tell the story.

      As for the logo, Heedley himself was created by Wendy Gardner of Naughty Naughty Pets. You can read more about him and her on the “Heedley” page. The barn is an actual photo of the front of our barn, which I clipped around and pasted on top of the drawing. “BuhGAWK” was the brain child of my dear friend Steve, and it has become our catchphrase. In a former life, I was a graphic designer and web designer, so I put it all together.

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