Am I blue? Yes. Yes, I am.

As some of you have heard, there are no poults today. Chicken Debbie called me bright and early to let me know she had received the shipment of chicks from the hatchery, but my poults were not in the order.

I’ve just returned from Agway where she further explained that there had been a poor hatch, a not-uncommon occurrence with these heritage breeds, as I understand, because the gene pools are so small. They offered to put me on a list for May 15, but that isn’t guaranteed, either.

So, we have some decisions to make. We can:

a) strike the whole turkey idea
b) put ourselves on the hatchery’s waiting list for May 15th and hope for the best
c) order poults from the experts

Option C seems like the way to go, doesn’t it? Ah, but there’s a catch. In fact, there are two.

First, these poults need to be ordered way in advance. The earliest we could get them would be late June. This would greatly try my non-existent patience, of course, but, more importantly, puts the slaughter date WAY past Thanksgiving. If my calculations are correct, they wouldn’t reach slaughter size until on or about Christmas.

Second, I wouldn’t be ordering through a purveyor, like Agway, which means there are minimums to consider. The minimum poult order from Porter’s is fifteen. Yes, two and a half times what we had planned, at two and a half times the cost.

On the up side, summer weather would be much more conducive to raising tender babies, and I wouldn’t be going through all these heating concerns. I can return one of the Brinsea EcoGlow units to help pay for the poults…

Argh. This all needs to go before the family council, and I will also be consulting my heritage turkey chat group, for their experter-than-me opinions.

I just returned from the coop where I unplugged all the heating and lighting for the brooder. So sad! Trying to translate the experience to terms they could understand, I told The Stepdaughters I feel as though I had come down the stairs Christmas morning to discover that Christmas had been canceled. They gasped.

Indeed. Yes, I am blue. I’ll keep you posted on the decision making…


6 thoughts on “Am I blue? Yes. Yes, I am.

    • How are the sit ups coming along, Gail? You don’t want your gut hanging out in the video, especially now that it’s to be in late December, instead of late November. Look on the bright side, there’s always the chance the Mayans might be right and the world will end Dec. 21, 2012.

  1. I went ahead and got 20 poults last year, not knowing how/if they would find tables to visit for TG dinner. It turned out that I could have easily sold twice that…. I advertised “pasture raised heritage turkeys” on Craigslist, and they were all snapped up in 48 hours. (6 went to my wyfe’s coworkers, each of whom are prepaying for twice what each had bought last year!) Oh… I also did research and undercut the going $8/lb by $10! LOL Hope that helps!

    • That does help, thank you! The Man was especially impressed, but still wants to start with 6. $8/lbs, huh? Hmmmm. Did you ever calculate your cost/profit ratio?

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