Am I blue? T minus 2.

Gah! I’m a wreck. I’d be fine if it weren’t for the damned internet. It’s so easy to research the various sundry methods by which I might kill my unsuspecting poults.

I keep reading how raising turkey babies is not at all like raising chicken babies: they’re more delicate, more sensitive to cold, more susceptible to illness… Ignorance is bliss, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and I have no idea what I was thinking.

Okay. Freak out over. Breathe.

Heat lamp has been installed between chicken wire awning and brooder roof, feed and electrolyte-supplemented water in place, Brinsea brooder plugged in, thermometers recording temps. Two thermometers. Giving me radically different readings. Sigh.

It looks a little something like this:

What the picture can’t convey is how delightfully minty it smells. I bought peppermint oil at GNC yesterday, and sprinkled it liberally on the fleece fabric. It smells like a candy cane fetishist’s fantasy in there. I imagine.

Today is the first day I put feed in the brooder, and I will be watching closely for mouse prints tomorrow. Do your thing, peppermint oil. I’m counting on you.

The Man and I just peeked into the coop; I wanted his thumbs up on the fire safety of the whole thing, seeing as the heat lamp’s to be on all night, and every night for the foreseeable future. The girls were not happy to be disturbed, of course. Seeing them asleep in the oddly-bright coop made me wonder if the red light will interfere with the quality of their sleep…so many things I didn’t think of.

I am having such a hard time relaxing about this. I am systemically stressed, with painful shoulder and neck muscles, a heightened craving for alcohol, and an atypical tendency toward road rage (not at the same time, thank goodness). I really need Friday to get here and be successfully gone.

I have discovered a lovely Yahoo chat group for owners and breeders of rare heritage turkeys, and it’s going to prove a wealth of information, I know.

In fact, I just read a post by a woman whose poults died within four days of her getting them home.



2 thoughts on “Am I blue? T minus 2.

  1. Relax, you and they will be fine. My turkey hens hatched out their own babies outdoors and the temps were in the low ’40’s at night/early morning. The babies had mom to snuggle under, of course, but they also scurried around pecking at the dirt and turkey starter I had scattered on the ground. You will be surprised at how much friendlier poults are than chicks and you will want to hold them a lot. :-)

    • Oh, THANK YOU, Barbara. That’s the kind of input I can really use! The internet’s ability to disseminate terror is really quite overwhelming. It’s wonderful to hear stories like yours. Stay tuned for babies!

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