We’re always on the lookout for new nests here at our farm. Our hens are creative and motivated. Hermione, of course, is the star in this regard, but it was Tallulah who created the Baby Box.

The showroom of the barn has a large, L-shaped workbench in the southeast corner, and it reflects The Man’s disregard for order. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

In a flurry the other day, he threw an old, felt moving blanket on top of everything else on the workbench, and it didn’t take long for Trixie to appreciate the possibilities: high, secluded, comfy. Who could ask for anything more?

After a few days of reconnaissance, she finally settled in and laid…

…yet another fart egg. Her sixth in a row. Trixie hasn’t laid a proper egg in almost a month, and I’m starting to worry her eggmaker may be on a permanent fritz.

This one was a little larger than the last few, so maybe there’s hope…?


3 thoughts on “Oh, TRIXIE.

  1. Does Trixie have wry tail, or is it just her positioning?

    It’s very strange that she is continuing to lay these small eggs :/ I have never even had a tiny egg for a first egg. Do they all have yolk in them?

    • Trixie laid perfectly normal eggs for over five months. This is new. Now that I think of it, maybe since the attack…?

      • Could be, though I thought stopping eggs altogether would be the norm for a traumatic experience (for a while at least).

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