Hermione’s at it again.

Those of you who have followed the blog from its inception will remember that Hermione can be exceedingly creative when it comes to choosing where to lay her eggs. She is the founder of The Annex AND Hermione’s Hideaway.

(Have no idea what I’m talking about? Doing a search for “Hermione” on the blog will catch you up on the whole unlikely story.)

All winter, though, Hermione has been a model citizen, laying consistently in the Hideaway, or in the coop if someone else was in the Hideaway and she absolutely could not hold it. (“I gotta go I gotta go I gotta goooooooo!!!!!”)

Until today.

The hallway inside the barn that leads to the interior coop door is housing some dust-covered junk, as is much of the barn. To the left of the interior coop door is an old shelving unit, narrow and tall. It’s not storing much, just the chick supplies, unused since last May, and some sports equipment which predates my presence here.

So, imagine my reaction, when I came home from running errands to see this on the third shelf, at waist level:

Gentle reader, I give you Hermione’s new nest.

This photo cries out to me for a witty caption; please feel free submit your best shot in comments!


2 thoughts on “Hermione’s at it again.

    • Hi Jeff! Yes, Hermione has always been the one to strike out and make her own nest, often in odd (and hazardous!) places. And then chicken see, chicken do…and she has to find a new place just to get some privacy. Poor Hermione…

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